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Women’s Cropped Boyfriend Jeans – So Much Comfort!

Cropped boyfriend jeans have been all the rage for years and they are showing no signs of going away. Other jean styles come and go, but boyfriend fashion only seems to grow stronger. This is mainly due to the laidback comfort the style offers. More than just your typical cropped jeans, women’s boyfriend jeans are unique because of their roomy, relaxed, and ultra-versatile style. These are women’s cropped jeans that look and feel like they’ve been taken straight out of boyfriend closets, yet they fit women’s form and height perfectly. Unlike skinny jeans that are skin-tight, cropped boyfriend jeans don’t hug the body, which gives the style the ultimate comfort it is most known for.

Learning how to style women’s cropped jeans perfectly starts with choosing the right kind that best fits your body. Like any type of denim pants, you need to match cropped jeans with your form and shape. This is key to looking great as opposed to sloppy and frumpy in cropped boyfriend jeans. Despite its name and its baggy nature, boyfriend jeans can be very feminine to wear, especially when you know how to put an outfit together with your favorite pair as a base. Because they practically mimic men’s pants, cropped boyfriend jeans do have the tendency to create a masculine shape. However, with the right pairing, you can totally pull off a feminine-looking number even with the seemingly sloppiest boyfriend jeans you could get your hands on.

The secret to wearing women’s cropped jeans is in the way the pants drop over your legs. One of the safest ways to combat the loose and sloppy nature of this garment is by rolling up the hem to give the pants more structure at the bottom. Going high or low waist or choosing a mid-rise should depend on the length of your torso and the shape of your hips.


Great Tips on How to Buy Women’s Super-Skinny Jeans Online

Ripped jeans is old fashion, and by old we mean classic—timeless, even. Ripped skinny jeans for women never really went out of fashion since its heyday in the 90s. Decades later, women (and men) are still in love with those edgy rips and tears, placed ever so gingerly on the right spots in their pant legs. If you’ve been wanting to bring back your 90s vibe, but can’t find the right skinny rip for the job, here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Ripped or not, you want a well-fitted pair of jeans. If you don’t think that you can pull off a baggy boyfriend, ripped skinny jeans for women are a good place to start, especially when you’ve been rocking skinny jeans since they became the bomb of jean fashion. Ripped skinnies will be a lot easier to mix and match with your existing tops, since you’ll only essentially be adding rips and tears into the mix. However, if you want to be more adventurous with your choice, just remember that jeans shopping is all about finding a cut that fits your curves and edges right.
  • Look for contrast. If you know that the majority of your tops already have fussy designs and/or configurations, look for a tamer ripped skinny. This will help you avoid going overboard with the whole distressed concept. You want a fashionably distressed look, never disheveled.
  • Women’s ripped skinny jeans come in all shapes and sizes for all tastes, shapes, and ages. Don’t feel too old to wear them. The beauty of this comfort garment is that it can be made to look good, no matter your personal style—you only need to find the right fitting pair to suit your own. You also don’t have to worry about flashing too much skin, as the best designs offer just enough coverage to keep your look classy and decent.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Relaxed Fit Boyfriend Jeans

Shopping for relaxed fit boyfriend jeans can be an intimidating prospect for girls who’ve always been skinny jeans  loyalists. If the thought of a sluggish fit is making you want to back out from the trend, why not try women’s ripped skinny jeans just to dip your toe in the boyfriend jeans water before going all in? Cropped skinny jeans are a thing. If you think boyfriend jeans are too out there for your skinny-jeans-loving bottom half, you can always start with some super skinny jeans for women to make the transition less traumatizing.

It is understandable how some women might be afraid to try on relaxed fit jeans, especially when they’ve been sitting pretty in super skinnies for years. Boyfriend jeans can overwhelm and swamp the body, when they are not the right fit. Some may find them unflattering, especially on the rear, while others simply cannot shake off the comfort of their much loved, leg-hugging cropped skinny jeans. This said, there are ways to go around your fear of some looseness. After all, a bit of drooping in the right places can give your getup a nice edge, raising your style to a new height of sophistication that is anything but sloppy.

Super skinny jeans for women are a good starter piece if you want something that is true to your style. Once you are comfortable with some rips and tears in places, move up to cropped skinny jeans to get a feel for the relaxed fit everyone is raving about. The slight give of cropped skinny jeans will help you get the hang of the more laidback fit of looser, sloppier-in-the-best-way boyfriend jeans that you’ve been wanting to try out. Easing your way into the trend is the best way to appreciate the beauty of more relaxed fitting jeans.

How to Style a Pair of Women’s Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

Ripped boyfriend jeans can add a new dimension to generic relaxed-fit jeans. The distressing adds a rugged touch to an otherwise plain pair of relaxed denim pants, and with the right styling, you can make the look interesting and fun. Here are some styling tips for women’s ripped boyfriend jeans:

  • Roll them up – Most ladies wear their boyfriend jeans just rolled at the hemline, but you can go higher to achieve a cropped look.
  • Unroll the jeans – If you have the usual ripped boyfriend jeans, you can achieve a tailored look by not rolling them up. To avoid looking slouchy, make sure that the cut is not too long. Otherwise, have the hemline tailored to achieve a perfect look.
  • Show off your inner tomboy – Boyfriend jeans were inspired by men’s denims, and they are perfect if you want to infuse androgyny into your style. Try wearing ripped boyfriend jeans with vintage sneakers and a statement tee that fits you well, or a chic, girly sweater if you want to avoid looking too masculine.
  • Go for a dark wash – If you have ripped boyfriend jeans in a darker wash, you can easily wear it with trendy pastel colors that can make you look chic and stylish. Go for hues like pastel pink or mint green.
  • You cannot go wrong with a comfy shirt – Ripped boyfriend jeans will look great with a comfortable tee that fits you well. Toss a leather or a biker jacket over your shoulders for an edgy touch to the look.
  • Try the military trend – Military-inspired gear and clothing are trendy these days, and they go well with boyfriend jeans. Try a military green vest or a jacket to go with light wash ripped boyfriend jeans, and add a touch of feminine chic with a pair of pumps.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Relaxed Fit Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a great option if you want to wear relaxed fit denim trousers without looking and feeling drab. They are known for their relaxed and slouchy ‘borrowed-from-the-boys’ type of style, yet are tailored for the ladies. The jeans have been in style since Marilyn Monroe wore them in the 1960s on the set of one of her movies. Contemporary actresses like Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Katie Holmes love wearing these jeans and look good in them, too. Are you looking to try out these pants? Here are some of the factors to consider to ensure the right relaxed fit boyfriend jeans that will fit and flatter your figure:

  • The fit – Keep in mind that the relaxed fit boyfriend jeans must be relaxed and slouchy, not fitted and figure-hugging. However, this does not mean that they should be baggy. You can now find them in tapered and slimmer profiles that still retain a slouchy and relaxed profile, but with a fit that is sleeker and flattering to all body types.
  • The look that you are after – If you want the jeans to flatter your figure and you typically wear tailored and fitted tops, consider relaxed fit boyfriend jeans that have a structured design and a slimmer fit. But if you want a more authentic borrowed-from-the-boys look, make sure the hip and thigh areas are a bit loose.
  • Check the rise and the wash – Just like other types of jeans, relaxed fit boyfriend jeans come in different colors, cuts, and washes—factors that will make a difference on how they’ll look on you. Most boyfriend jeans are typically low-rise, but you can find them in high rise and mid-rise versions. If you are bottom-heavy and you have a bit of weight around the waist, consider mid or high-rise styles. Stay away from low-waist jeans that tend to create a muffin-top effect. If you have a straight figure, consider low-waist jeans for a more defined waistline.

    Darker washes look dressier and a bit more formal than lighter washes. They can be more versatile for any occasion, too, making them a classic wardrobe staple. You can go for a dark wash if you do not want to draw too much attention to your hip and buttocks area.

How to Choose the Right Pair of Denim Pants for Women

Every woman should have at least one pair of denim pants in her closet, but it can be tricky to find the best jeans that fits right and can flatter one’s figure. The selection process can become more challenging and overwhelming once you encounter different types of cuts, washes, and styles, too. Hence, consider the following tips to find the right pair of denim pants:

  1. Measure yourself – When you know your measurements, you can reduce the chances of buying ill-fitting jeans. One of the most common mistakes we tend to make when shopping for denim pants is buying a size that is too big or too small, thus, compromising their look or comfort. Hence, take a tape measure and note your measurements around the waist, hips, the length from your hip bone to the bottom of your ankle, and the length from your crotch to the ankle bone.
  2. Determine your body type and shape – Certain cuts and styles of jeans will flatter certain body types. For instance, bootcut or flared, high rise, and skinny jeans should flatter most triangle and pear-shaped women. Skinny jeans, however, can flatter almost all shapes, as long as they come in a wash and rise that is flattering.
  3. When in doubt, go for jeans in a darker wash – Darker jeans will flatter just about any body type and size, and they tend to be more versatile, whether you want to look casual or polished. You can wear them with just about anything, too, including a chambray top in a lighter shade, in case you want to try the denim on denim trend.

Refer to the manufacturer’s or brand’s size chart – Manufacturers and brands may differ in their sizing. For example, the sizes of a certain brand’s jeans may run smaller than your usual size. Hence, take time to check their size chart to compare your regular size with theirs.

Distressed Denim Jeans for Women Is a Dependable Fashion Trend

They may have been around for decades, and they are called by other names, such as ‘torn’, ‘destroyed’, and ‘ripped’. Regardless of what you call them, distressed denim jeans for women are here to stay. In fact, they are the most dependable pair of jeans that you can have in your closet. Although they look and feel casual, the right shoes, accessories, and tops can make them versatile for a polished and put-together look. They also provide a touch of rock n’ roll or grunge to your outfit.

There is no doubt that distressed denim jeans are among the most comfortable jeans to wear. On days when you just want to keep it simple without foregoing style, don a pair with a simple sweater for a casual look. To avoid looking too plain, wear a statement necklace and a pair of basic pumps. An alternative would be to wear a white button-down top with your distressed jeans and tuck it in for an effortlessly chic look. Finish the look with your favorite pair of oversized sunglasses, a classic purse, and boots.

Distressed denim jeans can go with just about anything in your wardrobe. Another way to dress casually with them is to wear a tank top with a cardigan and sneakers. Consider distressed jeans in a skinny fit to avoid looking frumpy or slouchy. If you are apple-shaped or plus-size, consider high-waisted ripped denim jeans. High-waisted jeans are perfect if you want to wear a trendy crop top without showing too much. They look great with a tank top that is tucked into the pants, a flowy kimono-style cover-up, and flat sandals or ballet flats for a casual and comfortable look. For a boho-chic look, pair distressed denim jeans with a loose tunic and finish the look with a hat.