How Do You Choose Destroyed Denim Jeans For Women

Ripped jeans may have been a hit in the 90s due to the look that was popularized by grunge bands, but both the clothing and the style have made a comeback, and they have become hotter than ever. In fact, they are some of the most versatile jeans you can wear, especially if you prefer to have a touch of edgy chic to your look. While you have the option to destroy some old pair of regular jeans, you can consider buying distressed denim jeans for women instead. That way, you can preserve those old jeans and have another type of jeans to wear. Here are some tips for choosing destroyed denim jeans:

• Determine your height, body type, and figure – To slim down your thighs, hips, or butt, straight leg ripped denim jeans should work to minimize those areas. Skinny and straight cuts are great if you are not conscious about your figure. To give the illusion of slimmer legs, go for destroyed skinny denim jeans. If you are petite or have muscular legs, make sure the hem does not hit the widest area of the calves.

• Mind the fit – Should you go baggy or fitted? Skinny ripped jeans will look better and will go a long way in your wardrobe. If you are not comfortable with skinny jeans, consider regular straight leg destroyed boyfriend jeans, which are neither too baggy nor too fit, so you can wear them with anything, too, while having a touch of laid-back chic to your look.

• The placement of the rips matters – Consider minimal rips and distressing to avoid making your thighs, hips, and butt look bigger. Vertical rips should make you look leaner, and horizontal rips will make your legs look wider, but you can prefer the latter if you want to look curvier or add volume to your frame. If you are not conscious about those parts of your body, then you can go for as many distressed areas as you want.

• Look them up – If you are not sure how destroyed denim jeans will look on you, try fitting a few pairs at a store or look up photos of women with the same body type as yours to get an idea.

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Author: KanCan USA

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